Dear Colleagues,


The ESEE is a biennial event that is organized in rotation by European countries for training and research in the purpose of communication for agricultural and rural extension.

As it known, the first seminar was organized in Finland 40 years ago. 21st ESEE will be also held between September 2 to 6, 2013 in Antalya, Turkey.

The main purpose of this seminar traditionally is to share the ideas and practices of the participants on participatory approach to agricultural extension works. As usual this year we will see and listen  the best practice in extension between public and private extension services around the world starting from Europe. We have the possibilities to discuss and argue and to adopt  them in other countries, and to meet good friends during years. During these passed years we are  the Extension Educators, Scientists and  have met all around.

The issue, "train trainers to train" is the same but the world around has changed. As it known, we need food, and the farmers are still providing the material for safety food as well as they are most responsible of security of  food. We, the extension educators are finding the innovations for new and less time consuming and easier work for agriculture.

We will be happy to welcome you in Antalya, hope to see you in sunny Antalya.


Sincerely yours.


Orhan Özçatalbaş, PhD.

Coordinator of 21th ESEE

Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture

Dept.of Agricultural Economics 

Extension Science

 07058 Antalya/Turkey


Tel/Phone:+90 242 3102476 Fax:+90 242 2274564


Anne Van den Ban greeting to 20th ESEE


The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension